Dictionary of Literary Biography

John Austin, 262 Dictionary of Literary Biography 16 (2002)

Military Law Review

Congressional Control of the Military in a Multilateral Context, 162 Military Law Review 50 (1999)

UN Observer Reports, Newsletter, American Society of International Law

Nov.-Dec. 1993 – Sixth Committee Work – 48th General Assembly
Jan.- Feb. 1994 – Establishment of Post of High Commissioner for Human Rights; Law of the Sea Consultations
Mar.- May 1994 – First High Commissioner for Human Rights Appointed
Mar.- May 1995 – Proposed U.S. Legislation Which Would Restrict Role in UN Peacekeeping
June- Aug. 1995 – Organizational Meetings on the Law of the Sea Convention
Sept.-Oct. 1996 – Sessions of the Preparatory Committee for the International Criminal Court
Jan.- Feb. 1997 – Sixth Committee Work – 51st General Assembly
Mar.- Apr. 1997 – Further Sixth Committee Work – 51st General Assembly
Sept.-Oct. 1997 – Further Consideration of the Proposed International Criminal Court

Meetings and Conventions Magazine

March, 1985 – Rochester/Medical Mecca
May, 1985 – Greater New York City
July, 1985 – Glamorous French Riviera Offers a New Center by the Sea
November 1985 – Big Brother is Watching: Espionage at Technical Meetings

Meeting and Conventions Magazine: Attorney at Large 

Sept. 1985 – The Case of the Big Noise
Nov. 1985 – Overbooking and the Law
Dec. 1985 – Serving Drinks Can Cause Legal Hangover
Jan. 1986 – Law on the Ski Slopes
Feb. 1986 – Writing Off the Better Half
Apr. 1986 – Cancellation Clauses
May 1986 – Using Travel Agents
June 1986 – Swimming Injuries–Who’s Liable?
July 1986 – Airport Terrorism and Airline Hijackings
Aug. 1986 – Airline Liability: Lost, Damaged or Delayed Bags. Part I: Domestic
Sept. 1986 – Airline Liability: Lost, Damaged or Delayed Bags. Part II: International
Feb. 1987 – Safekeeping: Hotel Responsibility
June 1987 – Per Diems for Government Contracts

The Privacy Report

Feb. 1977 – Nuclear Energy and Civil Liberties
Aug. 1976 – Private Police in America